Hey luscious ladies looking for love! Have you been putting in lots of “work” in your love life and getting burnt out and not getting any rewards?


Have you been adulting too hard when what you want is a playful, adventurous romance which lasts?


When we realize oh sh!t, my love life needs help, sometimes we throw ourselves into it without any direction…we read blogs and books and watch videos, and get totally SATURATED with information…but never get the transformation we seek.


Books can make us feel like we’ve always got something to fix…blogs can make us think it’s just one simple shift, when really it’s a total evolution in how you love and date…and videos can be entertaining but then we forget what we learned.


I know a woman (she’s not one of my clients, just an acquaintance) who’s read all the books, claims she’s done all the “work” (but come on, reading a blog isn’t that hard)…but she’s never worked specifically on her love life with an expert. No surprise, she’s still single and stuck in her head. She’s even tried matchmakers (she’s on her second round) but since they just provide dates not any skills or tools, love is still out of reach for her.


If you feel you’ve been adulting too hard in your love life, maybe you’ve even exhausted all avenues to love, it’s time to stop doing it alone and start finding the FUN again.


If you dread dating and are burnt out with the apps and can’t even remember the name of the last book you read because the titles are all running together,


Stop the insanity!


The good news is that I spent a decade figuring out modern dating and the secrets to fulfilling, healthy, passionate partnership. I’ve saved you all that hassle and all that work so that your journey can be way more easy and fun!


Why wait 10 years to meet your King when you can find him in 10 weeks?


Technology speeds up our life, makes things easier, and smoothes out the hassles. I have a “technology” — a system — that does the same thing for dating.


I’ve condensed everything I’ve learned — keeping what works, inventing what’s missing, and ditching the rest — so you can find love and ENJOY the process.


My clients consistently say “wow, I didn’t know it could feel so good to date! I’m so glad I have my pick of men” and “Thank you Violet for saving me so much time! I would have spent another few years with that unavailable man and totally missed out on my person!”


Spring is here and romance is in the air, but if your head is down and you’re being all serious, you’ll miss out, and I don’t want that for you.


Are you ready to skip ahead and into a great relationship?


Xoxo, Violet


PS — if you’re ready to enjoy dating and find love the easy way, instead of being stuck for years and dating from your head, not your heart, let’s talk. I invite you to set up your free Breakthrough to Love call here: www.violetlange.com/talk

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