Today, I want to tell you something most women don’t know about their cycles…

Dreading that time of the month is no longer necessary, even if you’ve had horrible periods your whole life.

You can go from PMS to a smooth and healthy flow and improved fertility, without painkillers or birth control.

Sure, you could keep putting up with a difficult period, and keep risking your fertility with irregular cycles, but why make life harder?

There is a much easier way to regulate your monthly moon, and protect your reproductive health for the future.

I am so excited to announce the launch of a product I’ve been working hard on with my co-founders Marco Lam (director of a large integrative health clinic in Boulder) and Jason Lange (my husband :)).

Freya Health is an all-natural herbal supplement with three formulas, and we just launched our Indiegogo campaign to begin manufacturing.

This instant tea drastically improved my cycle after just one month, and is helping protect my fertility. We’ve gotten rave reviews from our beta testers, and we’re ready to serve more women.

If you want to have an easier cycle, plus safeguard your ability to conceive, visit our Indiegogo campaign where we share all the important details.

Click here to receive Freya for you or a friend, daughter, or fellow queen!

Xoxo, Violet

P.S. Here’s what other women said about Freya:

“Freya is comforting and easy to drink. It suits my taste just right!!!”

“I’m finding it easier to eat healthier and I’m feeling less bloated.”

“My energy levels seem to be improving.”

“Didn’t notice any symptoms today, felt good in relation to my cycle even during a really big day. Very light flow.”

“I’m not in any emotional crisis which can happen to me on the last couple days of my cycle.”

“I’m not noticing any PMS symptoms!”

“Today was the first day I ovulated in the last 4 months. Yay!!! Big win! Excited!”

“My period is over, it was pleasant. My energy level is starting to come back.”

“My cramps are almost gone! This is amazing!”

“I’m getting my energy back and have less back pain…my body doesn’t feel as heavy.”

“My period was shorter than usual.”

87% of beta testers rated Freya as good or very good in terms of convenience.

82% of beta testers rated Freya as good or very good in terms of taste.

If you want to protect your fertility and improve your cycle, check out this link:

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