Wow. I am shocked how many women go through life never feeling attracted to the men they meet.


One woman was telling me she had 50 first dates in the last 2 years and only two of them turned into second dates (of which neither turned into a relationship). What a colossal waste of time and bad sign about her heart!


Not being attracted to anyone, or not meeting men who want commitment (and the ones you do, you don’t like) is a huge problem.


Because after working with hundreds of women to go from single to happily in love, what I know is that:


if you’re not attracted to anyone you meet,


and if the men who do want to commit to you, you don’t like,


you can never find love.


What it tells me, when a woman is never attracted to anyone — or the guys who want to commit she doesn’t like — is that her heart isn’t open and isn’t healed.


If you are delaying healing your heart…


If you are waiting for a more “convenient time” to deal with your love life…


You are being selfish.


When you stay closed off and when you reject every man you meet, you are robbing yourself, your intended partner, and your family and everyone around you of love.


Someone important in my life in the past refused to do her healing work. She was in denial about her own pain. She was dissociated and disconnected. And everyone around her suffered.


I suffered, listening to her complain every day but not do anything about it. Eventually I had to cut her out of my life because she refused to take any responsibility and just wanted to be a victim and not look at her own stuff.


I believe it is our responsibility to love and to do our healing work. There are MANY options out there, so it doesn’t have to be with me. But work with someone to handle your sh!t — the part of you who has been hurt, the part that doesn’t trust, the part that’s defensive and smug. If you’re not dealing with your stuff and living from your heart, you are dragging the whole planet down.


Are you ready to contribute more love and find someone attractive to you? Are you ready to break free from your excuses?


Xoxo, Violet


PS if you’re not meeting anyone you’re attracted to, it’s not the mens’ fault. Your heart is closed. You will never find anyone attractive if you’re looking for reasons to reject love. We only want to help women who are ready for love — it’s not my job to convince you love is our superpower and the only thing which will save humanity. If you do want love, and are ready to do your part to heal and find it, book a free Breakthrough to Love call here. They are 45 minutes long and give you total clarity about what’s blocking you from love and what you need to do instead. If we feel we can help you and it’s a good energetic fit, we may invite you to be one of the clients we take on this month — or we may not. Either way you get out of the muck and get help with your challenges. Set up a call here:

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