The hunger lives in the gap between where you are, and where you desire to be.


It’s almost end of January — eek!


Are you where you want to be for love?


Getting more dates? Getting better quality dates? Getting to exclusivity and other milestones?


Feeling more confident, magnetic, and desired? Feeling cherished and pursued? Feeling important and worthy?


If you aren’t getting closer to where you want to be, it’s for 3 reasons.


Either you:


1–Don’t have the right mindset…


2–Don’t have the right heartset…


3–Don’t have the right skillset.


If there are a bunch of limiting beliefs about men and dating and relationships in your mind, you will miss out on endless opportunities.


If you can’t connect to your heart, your emotions, and your desires, you’ll attract all the wrong people and push away the right ones.


And if you can’t convert a glance to a flirt, a flirt to a date, and a date to a relationship, you’ll continue to feel lost and stuck, or that love happens for other people but not for you.


Most women are not skilled in two of these three areas, and as a result, they never really get what they deserve in love, and they end up alone.


So they put all of their energy into career, which still doesn’t get them the love they need.


But it’s not women’s fault. Dating has changed so much in the last 5 years and this isn’t something they teach in schools.


My client Sasha had been divorced a few years, was a mom of three, and was learning to date again for the first time in a decade.


She didn’t have the right mindset about men or relationships because of her toxic ex…


She didn’t have the right heartset because she was a single mom of three who had an analytical career and was in her masculine 24/7…


And she didn’t have the right skillset because it had been YEARS since she’d dated…


She was skeptical of learning the right way to date and find love, but she knew she couldn’t stay stuck. Too much was at stake with her kids and her life to keep going it alone.


Within 6 months of starting to work with me, she met her king, Steve.


Very quickly she had learned the right mindset, heartset, and skillset, and implemented it with my system and support.


Steve cares for her and the kids, takes her on trips, and makes her feel like a Queen. And their passion is off the charts!


If you want to meet your king, and learn the right mindset, heartset, and skillset to get there, let’s talk.


Love doesn’t have to feel like a lifetime away — you just have to change your thoughts, feelings, and habits with a mentor who knows the ropes and won’t let you waste any more time.


Xoxo, Violet


PS if you are hungry to LOVE MORE, LIVE MORE, and GIVE & RECEIVE MORE, just set up a free Breakthrough to Love call with us and close the gap between where you are and where you are destined to be. We have a few spots left this week if you grab yours now:

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