Sometimes resistance pops up, right when we’re about to breakthrough to the next level of love…


Have you been wanting more in love, but you just can’t figure out why it hasn’t happened yet?


Or are you worried it might not ever happen, with the quality of partner you crave?


Do you want to reach the next level in your pattern of attraction, finally stopping the insanity of being attracted to the wrong guys?


Or, the next level in your relationship, finally going from casual to exclusive?


Or, the next level in your personal power, to set and hold healthy boundaries?


There’s only one thing that you need to do, which is also typically the hardest to do when you’re feeling resistant, exhausted, and frustrated.


This is the FIRST thing I teach my clients and something they say is worth the investment alone.


In fact one of my clients Randi said she never felt more confident and empowered in her life once she mastered this skill in only a few weeks.


She had come to me devasted by her ex, still raw from their breakup.


But she followed my practices and system and advice, and within weeks she had 4 guys wanting to date her. Happily for her, she chose the best one and now they are exclusive.


It’s like going from the desert to a lush oasis of men and finding your king.


And it all starts with one thing: to love yourself anyway.


No matter what you feel you messed up, no matter what you believe you are lacking, no matter what you fear is around the corner…


Love yourself anyway.


There’s a lot out there about self-love, but most of it doesn’t actually make a difference,


because it’s only about “feel-good” self-love, and when you’re feeling not-so-good, you fall right back in the same trap.


True self-love takes grit and determination. It takes vigilance. It takes consistent, compassionate action on your own behalf. It takes actually embodying and living self-love, not just talking about it.


Sure you can love yourself when you’re already feeling good.


But can you love yourself when you’re feeling low?


Can you love yourself enough to get the necessary support to get you to the next level of love? Reaching out for help is actually a sign of love, not a sign of failure... and it’s also the feminine way.


Only the most self-loving women ask for support. They love themselves too much to go it alone.


Xoxo, Violet


P.S. if you want to get to the next level of love, and if you’re committed to love more than to the pesky fears and little bits of resistance, then let’s talk. We offer 45 minute calls to give you clarity on what’s keeping you from true love, and help you get your vision and next steps aligned. Sign up for your free Breakthrough to Love session here:

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