Not getting to the third or fourth date?

If you missed it, yesterday we kicked off our five-part series on what the healthy masculine wants in a partner…

Not understanding this can keep you from getting into a committed relationship, and keep you stuck on the dating spin cycle.

Making it to an exclusive relationship is difficult though, right?

Fairy-tales would tell us otherwise, but when you talk to most women there isn’t a lot of romance or commitment anymore…

Which is heartbreaking, because romance is one of the things which makes relationships worth it! We all long to be swept off our feet and to feel totally cherished.

Even as a powerful woman, I’d bet you still want to feel like a Queen and be taken care of, so you don’t have to do it all alone.

That’s why you need to know how to evoke the chivalry in your partner, and how to keep him coming back again and again until you say “I do.”

What it takes to get to commitment is the number two quality healthy men crave…a woman who is:

#2 Authentically Feminine

The unhealthy masculine wants a barbie doll. A surface-level feminine who is as inauthentic and plastic as he is…

Another version of the unhealthy masculine wants a partner who IS masculine, a woman who will do it all — for him — so he doesn’t have to lift a finger.

The HEALTHY masculine wants a woman who is deeply feminine…who isn’t putting on a show for him, or wearing a hyper-masculine mask.

He wants her to express her full range of feminine qualities — her full range of human qualities — and all of the energies and emotions within.

This feminine expression wakes a man up. Calls him forth. And satisfies his deepest desires.

But most women are afraid to be feminine because they fear rejection.

Our society has rejected the deep feminine…the nurturing qualities of the mother, the intuition of the sage, the innocence of the maiden.

Being fully expressed in your feminine energy is risky in our culture.

We fear we may be rejected by men, but we may also fear we might be rejected by women who aren’t in touch with their own feminine.

Despite the fears, I’ve found being even more in my feminine has created more safety, light, and love around me.

So what makes being deeply feminine so worthwhile?

1–It is a doorway to a more fulfilling and rich life. When my clients express their feminine power, they always make more money and have more opportunities.

2–It inspires a man to be more masculine, which means being more protective of you and more interested in romancing you, and taking you out on more dates.

3--It is so much more fun than living in your masculine! More creativity, more playfulness, more amusement and more passion. Your life goes from blah to fabulous when you free your feminine energy.

Riches, romance, and fun…what’s not to love, right?!?

Tomorrow I’ll be sharing the third quality the healthy masculine looks for in a woman…and the fear which may be keeping you from having a passionate relationship with a man you admire.

Xoxo, Violet

PS If you’re curious how to be authentically feminine so you can keep a relationship moving forward, schedule a free Breakthrough to Love session here: 

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