Everything in life becomes a habit…


If we do something enough, we create a pathway in our brain that we re-enact again and again…EVEN IF it’s keeping you from love and making dating that much harder.


After talking to over 1,000 women, here’s what I know are the Top 5 Bad Dating Habits:


1–Over Analyzing Every Step


You know, re-reading his texts, stalking him on social media. Boo, that can be an addiction of the worst kind! Save yourself some heartache and sleepless nights.


2–Dating From Your Masculine Energy


Commanding him “let’s do this” or “meet me here” or “call me tonight” — there are a million sneaky ways we’re controlling a potential partner or telling them what to do.


3–Clinging to the Wrong Identity


Many times I see women build an identity that’s too rigid such as “I don’t date multiple people” or “I always give too much, it’s just who I am” or “I always respond right away to a text, because I’m a good communicator.” Be open to different ways of relating.


4–Expecting the Other Person to…


Expectations set us up for disappointment. When we expect someone we don’t even know to behave a certain way, we’ll get frustrated fast with dating. When we allow someone to show us who they are, we can make healthy choices from a place of love. Escalating expectations, “what have you done for me lately” can ruin a new relationship.


5–Being a Doormat


It’s a myth that men want a damsel in distress. Most powerful men I know — most men I know period — want a true partner. Someone to inspire them, challenge them, and awaken them. If you never express your wants and needs and interests, he’ll lose interest.


Look, if you have any of these 5 bad habits, it’s time to get support. Change on our own is nearly impossible — but change within a community and with different perspectives and tools becomes easy and fun.


Are you ready to change your love life or are you okay re-enacting patterns from the past 20 years?


Xoxo, Violet


PS if you’ve adopted bad dating habits, and you want a fresh start and a new experience in love — where you feel cherished and significant and special — then let’s talk. Great people get into great relationships when they’re willing to do the work to transform this part of their life. If that’s you, I invite you to set up your free Breakthrough to Love call here: www.violetlange.com/talk

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