One of the best parts of opening your heart and learning to receive love is connecting with other women on the same path.

If you’re here, you’re here for a reason and I’m delighted to be here with you!

Many years ago I found it hard to make friends…

I was so obsessed with work and working out, that I didn’t really have a solid group of girls to spend time with

It took a lot of dedication and softening and re-prioritizing to finally understand how important it was to have a strong, supportive community…

Not just to laugh at unicorn drink holders or talk about intimacy

But to be there when I’m sad or confused or upset

To uplift and encourage me when I feel ashamed or stuck

To make life a little more loving, kind, and rewarding.

I love being in a romantic relationship, and I wouldn’t change that for the world!

But I never forget how deeply important my relationships are with my female friends.

Having their care and concern is what makes it so amazing to be with my person, Jason.

Because I know I don’t have to do anything alone.

They see my uniqueness and reflect it back to me, and I see their uniqueness and get to reflect it back to them. There is SO much beauty, and so much love, I feel so blessed to be surrounded by these amazing beings.

If you’re feeling lonely or wanting a support network, or want to celebrate the amazing women in your life, write below or reply to this message:

what I love most about my friends is__________

what I wish my friends understood about me is________

If I could take a get-away with my friends we would go to________

Here’s to incredible life-long friendship and a steady foundation of self-love and growth for our romantic partnerships to flourish!



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