Do you plant a lot of seeds of love? You know, first glances, messages or swipes or likes?


Do you plant seeds of love with your intentions? You know, spreading love with your words, your laugh, your smile?


Do you plant seeds of love with your dates or partner? You know, words of appreciation, emotional regulation, and having a ton of fun?


It makes me so sad to see women living without love, when they could be in the garden of Eden with their King!


If you’re not harvesting any relationships — just a bunch of go nowhere dates or endless swiping — it’s not your fault.


No one ever taught you how to plant the seeds of love, water them to grow, rip out the weeds, and nurture the best relationship into fruition (marriage, family, etc).


Too many women don’t know how to plant the seeds, don’t know how to water them, or don’t know how to keep their garden from getting overrun with weeds.


If we aren’t careful, even good dates and good starts to relationships can go south at the grip of the negative “weeds” in our minds, which can be a big problem.


Imagine knowing you would feel and receive love every day…


Imagine feeling the satisfaction of having your efforts in dating totally pay off…


Imagine taking control of your mindset so your fears don’t run the show!


I’ve been the “master gardener” for hundreds and thousands of women who I’ve trained to find and keep incredible love. This means teaching women how to tend their own garden and attract their king.


But everyone has slightly different soil, and wants to grow a slightly different plant! Which is why books or programs without any hands-on and individualized support just don’t work.


Are you ready to harvest true partnership?


Xoxo, Violet


If you struggle to get from first glance to date and date to relationship…if you feel like you just don’t know how to date, let’s talk. You can have an abundance of men and great opportunities with the right approach. Just book your free Breakthrough to Love call here at

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