When Eva reached out to me, she was in a rough spot…

A guy she’d been dating had totally gone cold — ghosted her.

When he finally did come back around, he gave an ultra-lamereason for it, and ended things.

Eva felt devastated and alone.

She had such a big heart, took care of herself, had a ton of friends, and a loving family…

Why couldn’t she make relationships work?

After 20 years of trying to figure it out on her own, she reached out to me.

As I started to peel back the layers of Eva’s story, I saw the part of her who really wanted love…

And the other part of her who had never learned:

  • How to date

  • How to build a lasting partnership

  • How to stay in her power

  • And how to speak her truth (instead of always caring for others)


Despite reading a ton of books, everything was intellectual instead of practical — information, not transformation — leaving Eva feeling super confused, lonely, and frustrated.

She was terrified to get help. She had a lot of fear of investing in herself and taking responsibility for changing her patterns.

But there was a desire burning so brightly to receive love and to be genuinely cared for, that her dream of love was bigger than her fears.

So we started to work together — and at first, she was naturally a little skeptical.

How was it possible to change her patterns quickly, let alone change things with the man who seemed so distant and rude?

Through her commitment to herself and to learning the right way to date, Eva saw major life changes.

She got a new job with better pay, benefits, and work culture.

She built even healthier relationships with her family and friends.

She had lots of men to choose from in dating.

And, most amazingly, she re-kindled things with the last guy she had dated.

All in a matter of twelve weeks.

The man from the beginning of the story actually wasn’t a bad guy…

Eva just hadn’t known how to draw a man closer, inspire the best in him, and communicate vulnerably.

She hadn’t known how to stay in her power, ask for what she wanted, and flirt with confidence.

It was amazing the difference that ninety days made.


He cooks dinner for her, they go on long hikes, and they are even spending a weekend together!

Eva is glowing!

It’s shocking how often as women we want to blame the man. And sure, he could have handled things differently too.

But it’s also stunning what’s possible when we make changes…

how the people around us change, and all of a sudden we’re getting what we always wanted!

It was there all along, but just out of reach…until we get the step stool and grab it.

Xoxo, Violet

PS if you want to learn how to date successfully, how to stop letting good guys get away, and how to step up your life like Eva did, let’s talk. I’ve got a few spots open this week for women who are looking for a breakthrough in their love life and are ready to take action. If that’s you, pick out a time for your free 45 minute Breakthrough to Love call now at www.VioletLange.com/talk

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