Are you getting REAL results in your love life?


Better dates, hotter passion, deeper communication, and more commitment including marriage?


Or do you feel like your best years for love are behind you?


I have a secret to share. I am OBSESSED with results. In an “industry” where no ones seems to really care about that.


Lots of dating coaches don’t even keep track of how many clients get into a partnership! They don’t even care.


Meanwhile, we are crushing it with helping women get into committed relationships…


Because my background is in engineering and I am a TOTAL NERD. It’s true. I love systems, I love outcomes, and I love making things work.


So when I was getting help in my own love life 10 years ago, I was shocked and annoyed at how awful most stuff was out there, from ineffective coaches to matchmakers to apps.


I was so fed up, I engineered a system that gets you from alone to chosen, while having LOADS of pleasure and fun, in only a few months.


It takes a LOT of masculine energy to create a structure, system, and support network that brings a woman from single and heartbroken, or numb to love, to getting engaged and moving in within a year.


The good news though, is that I have a lot of masculine energy — from studying engineering, to going to business school, to running marathons. I am tenacious.


And it’s in service of YOU!


The single mom who’s wondering how to find a good role model for her kids…


The caretaker who is always giving to others but still alone and feeling exhausted…


The career woman who’s acing it at work but keeps pushing the right guys away…


It is my mission in life to help you free your feminine energy, and I’m willing to bring both my masculine and feminine energy to help you get there.


Because truly what we all need is to integrate and balance our feminine and masculine within — which is what I teach my clients in our program.


If you want to be reassured that there’s a right way to date, and if you want to relax knowing someone else has got it handled for you, then let’s talk. Your energy is too vital to spend swipping without any guidance.


Xoxo, Violet


PS if you aren’t sure if you have more masculine or more feminine energy, and how that’s affecting your love life, we can help you figure that out during our free Breakthrough to Love calls. Just select your spot here:

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