Hey powerful bossbabes looking for love…are you feeling like a rockstar in the other parts of your life, but you’ve decided to be single because you’re sick of the games?


Do you have a pretty easy time getting what you want in life, but struggle in creating lasting love?


Have you ever thought “I’d rather be single than put up with this BS” and taken months or years off of dating and relationships?


I hate to break it to you, but just stopping toxic dating or ending bad relationships doesn’t mean you’re empowered in love…it just means you’ve said no…but haven’t gotten to YES.


To me, being empowered means cultivating the power to get what you want, and sticking with it until you get what you want.


There are two steps to this. Saying NO to what doesn’t work for you, and saying YES to what you want in love.


Some women never do either of these. They stay in friends-with-benefits situations or unhealthy relationships. They watch their kids get emotionally abused by their partner but are too codependent to leave and say they “stay for the kids.”They continue to attract men who treat them like dirt.


And then some women get half-way…they say no to bad behavior, move on from toxic relationships, and stop dating people who don’t treat them well.


BUT, this is only half-way…it’s not the full enchilada. It’s still “surviving” not thriving. There’s a difference between being lonely and being loved.


And while it may be better than staying with someone awful or dating losers, half-way isn’t good enough in my book if you want to be an empowered woman in love.


If you reject unhealthy love, you’re just at neutral. You may have even convinced yourself you’re happy being single…but if that were true, you wouldn’t be reading this 🙂


Go from neutral to great…from protective to protected.


Have the courage to take the next step — to go from flatline to healthy…to go from NO to YES…to go from average to empowered.


Are you ready to finally get what you want in love?


Xoxo, Violet


PS if you have a story that “love is hard” or “relationships take work” or “men just play games” you’re not living an empowered love life. If you’re ready to step up to a love that lasts and attract a great partner, you can! You can learn the tools to succeed in love just like you can learn tools to have the career you want. You just have to choose to become empowered. Once you’ve made that choice, we can help. Just book your free 45 minute Breakthrough to Love session here: www.violetlange.com/talk

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