Feminine energy is an invitation…


Not a demand, not a control mechanism, not a manipulation.


Masculine energy is a TRANSMISSION. It has direction, agency, penetration.


Feminine energy is magnetizing. It draws something or someone TO YOU.


Which can be frightening if you’ve attracted unhealthy relationships in the past…maybe you decided a long time ago it was better to move outwards than to invite anyone into your world.


But how is that working out for you? Aren’t you getting exhausted from putting SO much energy into dating and not getting what you want?


Yes of course you need to take inspired action. But if you don’t know about this principle of feminine energy, the actions you take will be far less effective. It’s like going against the grain.


I have clients who had no dates for years get two dates in a week after mastering this skill.


It really can be so much easier…so easy that I love being a woman! I can attract anything I want, by transforming my emotions, energy, and approach.


Men are drawn to receptivity and vulnerability.


Healthy men are drawn to your openness, and to your power, integrity, and ability to speak the truth (aka calling them out on their sh!t in a loving, sometimes feisty, way).


I teach my clients how to be in their feminine energy and use it as their superpower — and at the same time how to set boundaries with clarity, non-verbally and verbally, so they feel safe and protected.


This not only makes their love life pop but also brings them unexpected help in the form of bonuses, gifts, promotions, raises, new clients, trips…all from harnessing their feminine energy.


What invitation are you putting out there? Are your messages getting mixed?

Are you shutting down men who are looking for a good woman, because you are too afraid to let your life be an invitation?


Queens of Pleasure is like a party. The best women on the planet are there — powerful, humble, self-aware, grateful, radiant and inspiring women.


We make finding love FUN. And we teach you how to invite the most incredible experiences and people into your life.


But here’s the catch. You have to be a woman who is ready now to hold this level of feminine power. A woman who is going to use this power wisely, for advancing love on the planet and not for manipulating anyone else. A woman who is committed and devoted to a healthy, interdependent partnership.


If that’s you, you’re invited! Get ready for romance, success, and love.


Xoxo, Violet

PS if you are ready to shift gears and make dating easy and fun, while knowing you have the power to navigate any emotion and transform any limiting belief, let’s talk. I only work with women who can’t go another day without love. Join the party here by booking your free Breakthrough to Love call now:

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