Let me ask you a simple question…

How much is it costing you each month to not have a wonderful relationship?   

Do you know the impact on your heart, your confidence, your health, your friendships, your career, and your bank account every single month?

Studies have shown that when you’re married you:

  1. Make more money: “People who get married have roughly double the wealth of those who never marry” research by Jay Zagorsky at Ohio State University suggests.
  2. Live longer: the rate of mortality dropped 59 percent for women who are married (vs women who are single).
  3. Plus the chance of dying younger than planned for lonely people is 45% higher than average…the chance of dying younger as an alcoholic is only 30% higher than average. It’s riskier to be alone than to be an alcoholic. Seriously!
  4. Protect your future: what’s it cost you to let your most important years go by for starting a family? Or having a great role model for your kids?

Let’s say your goal for your love life was to have 4 fantastic dates full of romance last month, or to get to exclusivity with the guy you’ve been seeing… (If your goal was any lower than that, you’re not thinking BIG enough…)

Let’s say you put yourself out there, and generated some online messages, maybe even a date or two. Which is not bad, but here’s the truth…

There is a lot of love, pleasure, and commitment that you’ve been ROBBING yourself of every month you don’t have fabulous dates and deeper love and passion.  

Instead, it’s being paid out to the “University of Not Knowing.” The school of floating by and just “hoping” things get better.

That’s a very steep price…  and that’s just ONE month. Let alone six.

So I ask you as an advocate for healthy partnerships, and as someone who wants you to WIN in love —

If you didn’t get what you wanted last month in love, and you DON’T have a jaw-dropping, crystal clear profile or strategy to attract the right man…

How many more months are you going to miss your King and miss out on love?

How many more months are you going to allow yourself to stall in your love life and miss opportunities? Spending your time at the University of Not Knowing?   

What if 2019 turns out just the same as 2018? That might not be very good for your love life.

This week we have a very special offering. A chance to join our exclusive program Queens Club which only opens once a year.

In this program you will learn everything you need to know about dating and love — because it includes our signature program Queens of Pleasure AND live events, advanced training and practices, and customized 1:1 support.

But I can’t make you take the next step.

That passion and fire to love and be loved has to come from YOU.  

You have to be the one to decide you want the next 6 months of your life to be the most fabulous, romantic, and fulfilling time you’ve ever had…exotic trips, committed partnership, and feeling the most powerfully feminine you ever have felt.

When you join Queens Club now, you automatically get Queens of Pleasure AND you automatically get an extra SIX WEEKS of support from me, before the group kicks off on January 22nd. Plus you get to save $$$ as our Queens Club prices go up on January 1st.

You can join then and wait, but I’d love to support you through the holidays as they are actually one of the best times to find love…and we never know when the right guy will show up. I want you to be ready to meet him and keep it going.   

This is your chance to get into this magical group. We are only taking 10 women into this exclusive cohort (last year it was just 5, but we’re expanding because so many women have asked about it).  

Set up time to talk to me personally about the best six months of your life HERE:


Normally my team does almost all of our calls. But I am going to be spending six months with the 10 lucky women in Queens Club and I need to know that I can help you and that you’ll contribute to the group.

I only have a few spots this week so if you need to find a space and don’t see a spot that works for you, contact my assistant Elizabeth at [email protected] and she’ll try to get you on my calendar ASAP.

Xoxo, Violet

P.S.   It’s all happening in 2018 to make this year the year you said yes to love. It’s so much easier to get what you want in 2019 when you have momentum and expert support and guidance.  If you want to create a dynamic, lasting love, you must have the tools, skills, approach, and attitude that works. Why not be surrounded by powerful women, in addition, to help you keep reaching higher? If that’s you, set up time to talk with me today: www.meetme.so/QueensofPleasureViolet

P.P.S if you know you don’t want to do a 6-month program and would rather get everything handled in your love life in two months — or maybe you’re just not interested in live events — you can still find out more about our signature program Queens of Pleasure by talking to one of our breakthrough coaches here: www.violetlange.com/talk

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