I keep hearing from so many women…”he says I’m too in my masculine…but what does that even mean? I wear lipstick, I look nice, what is he talking about?”

I want to clear up some myths and explain what this actually means.

One of the myths is that you can’t ever be in your masculine…that you can’t be going after the things that you want, or you can’t be direct, or you can’t be driven.

That’s actually not true. We live in a society where we need to be driven, we need to be taking action, and it’s inspiring to have powerful goals and to have a lot of drive and success.

The truth is that we all have masculine and feminine within us.

But if you’re always going after your goals and always being a girlboss and always being super direct and always bringing that penetrative energy, it doesn’t leave a lot of room for play…

It doesn’t leave a lot of room for love and excitement and passion and pleasure and the joy of just doing something because you love it instead of doing something just for an outcome.

When you’re too in your masculine, your life will start to feel flat, bitter, and stale…like it’s losing its meaning. You may have everything you need, but if you’re too in your masculine, you’re not really thriving.

If you’re getting feedback that you’re too in your masculine, or if you notice you’re driving men away…

what they’re really saying is, “I want to like you and be attracted to you…but you’re making it hard for me because I want something that feels different than what I am…I’m craving the magnetism of polarity”

Basically, opposites attract!

Oftentimes a woman is in her feminine, she’s enjoying her life, she’s feeling great, she’s doing a lot of self-care, she meets this great guy…

And then all the sudden she feels anxious.

She feels scared, she feels insecure and so instead of just saying well, “there are so many fish in the sea, if not this, then something better… I deserve to feel good and I’m just going to take care of myself and enjoy the process.”

Instead of doing that, oftentimes a woman will start to feel insecure. She’ll start to get more controlling. She’ll start to text him more often. She’ll start to worry if things are fizzling out and she’ll start to try to manage and predict towards an outcome.

Now managing, analyzing, predicting towards an outcome that’s all masculine energy.

So as soon as you get into that state of anxiousness or insecurity and you move towards that pattern then you’re in your masculine. Which dissipates all the attraction which made the relationship so hot to begin with.

Have you seen this pattern before?

Xoxo, Violet

PS if you’re in a string of short-term relationships or can’t get to a 3rd or 4th date, we should talk. You may be too in your masculine to attract an alpha male. I’d bet you are amazing, but you haven’t learned this art of polarity. So grab some time to talk about it here, I’d love to help.

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