Is it your boyfriend? Husband? Random dude at a party?


I think New Year’s Eve is the most romantic holiday, second only to Valentine’s Day.


But it kinda sucks to be alone on NYE.


How incredible to kiss your love, or better yet, wake up in his arms, on the first day of the year!?!


What better way to kiss the past goodbye and step into an incredible future, together, than a smootch when the clock strikes midnight?


This tradition comes from English and German folklore which says that NYE sets the tone for your year.


If you don’t have anyone to kiss tonight, don’t worry. It’s not your fault.


2018 didn’t pull any punches for most people. But it doesn’t mean you can’t kiss all of that goodbye…


all the heartbreak, breakups, ghosting, and swiping can be gone in an instant.




When you take aligned and inspired action with forgiveness and acceptance.


It’s not easy to have a fresh start. If it were, smart women like you wouldn’t keep attracting the same unavailable, non-commital men.


I work with doctors, lawyers, accountants, CEOs, artists, entrepreneurs, non-profit leaders, high powered sales women, hairdressers — you name it.


There’s no lack of information for these women. But there is often a lack of alignment head, heart, and body.


They take action, but it’s not aligned with who they are, so it flops…or they’re so sick of online dating, it’s not inspired action, and they get burnt out and bitter about love.


Or, in the rare case when a woman takes aligned AND inspired action in her love life, she might forget about forgiveness and acceptance — especially if she’s driven.


Do I want you to give up your drive or your smarts? Heck no!


You will need both of those to win in life AND love.


What I wish for you — on this last day of the year and on every day for the rest of your life — is a soul-shaking romance that lights you up with passion, elevates you in all areas of your life, and makes you feel like a lady again.


It’s been incredible to watch my clients get engaged, pick out rings, move in with their partner, and find their King. To watch their guy pursue them, surprise them with trips, and soothe their anxieties and fears.


It doesn’t surprise me, because my system works and my clients are dedicated, but it delights me every time.


Shed the past today and do something new — take aligned, inspired action.


Xoxo, Violet

PS if you’re on the fence about love, that old adage that you can’t hurry love is totally wrong. You can find and keep a great romance…we’re no longer in the days of sitting around waiting. If you do, lots of great guys will pass you by. Find out what’s been missing in your love life and how to move forward by taking an easy action now to set up your free Breakthrough to Love session:

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