When’s the last time you got asked to dance?

My client Holly saw a cute guy at an outdoors music and dance event a few weeks ago…

She thought “wow, he’s hot!” and kept having fun with her friends.

Later that night, at a bar, the same guy appears, comes up to her, starts talking…

Asks if she wants to go for a walk…

Brings her back to where the music was playing…

Asks her to dance since he didn’t get a chance to before.

They dance, kiss, without anyone around, no longer any music playing.

Sweet sweet romance…

Don’t we all deserve to have a little of that, at least once in our life?

The kind that curls your toes, lifts your heart, and gives you a great story to tell your girlfriends?

Just a month before, she was healing from heartbreak and ready for a change.

She took action — and learned how to attract the right sort of guy, to express and flirt, to feel amazing in her body.

And she got the reward — one of many — of an evening of unexpected romance, an experience she’ll cherish forever.

Those are the stories that I think we remember at the end of our life…

The gifts of love, the chance encounters, the wonder and thrill of being asked to dance, even when the music is gone.

What are you missing out on, waiting for love?

When’s the last time you were asked to dance?

How many more nights like that will come your way if you’re not ready, open, and aware?

Time is precious. Life can be magical. Will you dance?




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