I just got asked a GREAT question about our latest 3-Hour “Spring Clean Your Heart and Find Fresh Love” Workshop:


Someone emailed me and asked —


“What is the DIFFERENCE between the signature Queens of Pleasure dating and relationship program,


And the “Spring Clean Your Heart and Find Fresh Love” training event?”


These are two very different trainings:


Our “Spring Clean Your Heart and Find Fresh Love” training is 100% focused on getting over an ex or friends-with-benefits and getting a fresh start in love.


We’ll give you a set of tools for healing your heart and finding gratitude and peace for your past. Plus you’ll get a detailed understanding of your patterns of attraction and how you got into those relationships in the first place. And lastly you’ll create a mapped-out game plan for getting a fresh start in love this spring


This interactive workshop is the FOUNDATION to get started dating again — because you can’t attract a great partner if you’re focused on the past or haven’t changed your attraction patterns (and keep dating the wrong guys). This fresh start is the basis of every successful relationship we have helped build for women who want to meet their mate but can’t get seem to get over their ex or attract a great guy.


Queens of Pleasure, on the other hand, focuses everything you need to create a relationship that lasts…starting with self-love, self-respect, healthy boundaries, healing from breakups and trauma, integrating your head/heart/body, empowered flirtation, knowing your attachment style, getting to exclusivity and marriage, sexuality, masculine/feminine energy — THE WORKS.


Queens of Pleasure INCLUDES this 3-hour emotional healing and fresh start workshop.


EVERY good relationship starts with a good relationship with yourself (especially if you have been with narcissists or emotionally unavailable men, or survived abuse or heartbreak).


If you don’t have an open heart that’s ready for love, then today’s workshop is a great place to start.


I’ll personally walk you through EVERY step of getting over the past guys and patterns and starting anew with hope.


If you’re serious about finding love, and meeting an amazing man who can be your date for all the summer BBQs and weddings and beach days, this training is the first step.


If you need some expert help to finally heal and move on, without having to go to therapy…


If you need to re-wire your patterns of attraction to attract someone better next time…


If you want me to walk you through the whole process (step-by-step) of getting ready to date from the right vibration and mindset and skillset so you can have a healthy love…


Then this workshop is the much-needed training you’ve been waiting for.




Spring Clean Your Heart and Find Fresh Love

Tuesday March 19th

Time: 5pm PST


Your total investment: Just $580 (regularly $1100)


Reserve your spot HERE


!! Today is the last day to grab your seat !!


See you soon!


Xoxo Violet


P.S. if you want to get a fresh start in love, sign up now for today’s training here: Spring Clean Your Heart and Find Fresh Love


P.P.S if you want to get clarity on your love life and support on your vision of love, and learn more about our Queens of Pleasure dating and relationship program, book your free Breakthrough to Love call here: www.violetlange.com/talk

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