I just read a friend’s business post about a group he’s starting…


I really *wanted* to join this group. It seemed like a good idea and I wanted it to be an energetic fit.


But my body and heart were a “meh” to it.




There was no shakti. No life. No feminine power.


Now he’s a dude, so I don’t expect this from him, but still…


We are being asked — called — into our integrated masculine and feminine. I need the guys I interact with to have balls AND heart.


But oftentimes men don’t even realize how they come across…or what they’re missing. Let’s just say women are much more self-aware and in touch.


Reading his post gave me such clarity on our power, as women, to gift men with feedback, to gift men with life.


But if you’re trying to be like a man — if you’ve lost touch with your feminine essense — the well runs dry, you know what I mean? There’s no unique energy contribution from either of you…it just feels like two bro’s.


You power comes through your UNIQUENESS. Your ability to add playfulness, insight, warmth, pleasure, beauty, seduction, and love. These aren’t “female” qualities, these are just things that are probably more natural to you, than to your average Joe.


Don’t hide your feminine power. Don’t feel compelled towards winning approval.


Instead of asking yourself “how do I fit in?” or “what do we have in common?” on a date,


ask “What can I offer that’s unique? How can I light up this conversation? What’s missing? What would draw me in?” Never settle for being bored on a date. Make your own magic.


You have a big gift to give the world, and it’s less about doing than being.


Imagine turning heads and inspiring people wherever you go…imagine alpha men being drawn to you consistently…imagine a man coming back to you again and again until he’s crystal clear that you’re the one.


Imagine having this level of power and self-trust as you ride the wave of love.


Yes, it’s for you. It’s meant to be. Are you ready to ask where’s the feminine power, and to bring it?


Xoxo, Violet

PS if you know something is missing in your dating experiences, or have trouble getting to a relationship or even a second date, let’s talk. It’s time you bring the feminine power, and truly know and embody what that means — when you do, men will be eating out of your hand (and putting a ring on it). Set up a free call to learn more at www.violetlange.com/talk

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