How many years has it been since you were in a GREAT relationship?


Or, dang, maybe you haven’t ever felt like you were in a great relationship or truly loved…


Because while there may have been men who liked you,


if they were passive, needy, or friendly, it probably didn’t feel like love — it probably just felt clingy.


When we feel loved by someone we respect, ANYTHING is possible. Why do you think all the superheros have a love interest?


Because we will move mountains (and crush bad guys) for love.


If you haven’t felt loved in a very long time, or been in a relationship in a very long time, it’s not your fault.


Your last relationship may have been abusive, or you may have grown up in a dysfunctional home.


Or you maybe you never learned how to be emotionally and otherwise intimate, so you feel love is meant for others, not you.


Or maybe you’ve been so focused on your kids or your career that you forgot how deeply you crave love.


I am shocked when some of my clients tell me it’s been YEARS since they have been in a relationship…


Or that they’ve never truly felt loved.


I am delighted (but not surprised) when we start working together and they get into an incredible partnership, quickly,


and say he’s the best man they’ve ever met, and that they’ve never felt so loved.


One of my client M had been single 8 years and only gone on 1 date in that time. ONE DATE!


Within 6 weeks of doing my program she met the love of her life, and they got married two months ago (just 16 months after her first call with me).


Being loved is a MAJOR part of the human experience. I don’t think we can live without it.


Good news is you don’t have to. You can find and keep incredible love — the best love of your life — fast.


If you want to find out how, just set up a time to talk.


Xoxo Violet

PS if you want to put the past (2018 and even further back) behind you, and attract a love where you feel like a cherished woman, I want to help you find your true companion. Just set up a quick time with us here — we have a few spots available each day for women like you:

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