Showing Up as a Woman of Love!!!


What does that look like for you? Are you currently living in a state of love?


How many women want to show up as a woman of love, but NOW is not the right time?


How many women believe they’ll show up as their best self once the right guy comes along?


How many believe they’ll make time for love once they have more money or lose weight or when their kids are grown?


My question to you is…when would be the RIGHT TIME?


To be honest, most of my life I had a lot of “rational” reasons why now wasn’t a good time for me to be a woman of love and be in a great relationship…


I told myself I would focus on love after I was done with school, or after I had my next promotion, or after I got back from my vacation, or after the winter was through…


The truth is, none of those reasons or excuses really mattered.


We think we need to wait for the perfect time for love, not realizing that the only thing stopping us from having a great relationship is the junk in our minds and blocks in our heart.


There is no perfect “logical” time for love.


If I had waited for the perfect time for love, I would never have found it.


When I met my now husband, I had gone through a miscarriage in a previous relationship only a few months prior (during which we broke up).


While on the outside looking in, I may have seemed like a hot mess, I knew the only thing stopping me from feeling like my love life was over — to attracting my king — was deciding to show up as a woman of love.


I implemented the system I now teach my clients. and three months later I had met Jason. Just eight months after that, we were engaged.


I was engaged to the man of my dreams less than a year after my miscarriage and bad breakup. And now I help other women have incredible turnarounds.


The time to rise into your divine feminine nature is right now. The Queen within you is waiting for you. And when you tap into her, you WILL attract your King.


Are you ready to stop the excuses and start showing up as a woman of love?


Xoxo, Violet

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