What’s your vision of Thanksgiving Day with your man?

Do you host a bunch of friends and they each bring a dish?

Do your little ones fight over the pie as you gaze lovingly at your fine husband?

Do you introduce him to your family and it goes surprisingly well?

EXPECT SURPRISES. Good ones. IF, you’ve been doing your work to be prepared.

While everyone is out shopping for Black Friday tomorrow, hunting for a deal, I want you to do something very different.

I want you to prioritize QUALITY that lasts, starting with your love life.

How many times have you gotten your hopes up on a first date or first match?

We get into a frenzy with dating like we do on the biggest shopping day of the year.

And while it might feel good for a moment, I want you to have extreme, passionate, joyful love EVERY GOSH DARN day.

Not just on Black Friday and not just when you get a Tinder match.

If you want a different dating experience — one that fulfills your dreams for this crazy awesome time of year, stop looking for bargain men.

Stop hoping that your love life will be solved with just one more swipe.

And stop binging on one-date-wonders that go nowhere.

Luck is just preparation meets opportunity.

If you want to be lucky in love, get prepared.

Are you prepared — really truly having the skills and right vibe and right mindset — for the love of your life?

My client Selene had been online dating for years (off and on). When we started to work together we focused on QUALITY MEN.

She only went on 4 dates before meeting her now boyfriend (who by the way is spending Thanksgiving with her family).

They’ve been together for 6 months and are talking of marriage.

When you have the right skills, vibe, and mindset you get a heck of a catch with an ease that’s priceless.

If you want to score big this year on Black Friday with what you REALLY want — love — set up some time to talk to us now. We are working so you don’t have to as much in your dating life. Just pick out a spot below:


Xoxo, Violet

PS if you want to ring in the New Year with a new man, now is the time to get out there with confidence, skills, and support. Trust me this will be the best 45 minutes you spend on your love life! Free Breakthrough to Love sessions here: www.violetlange.com/talk

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