The myth is that there’s no short-cut to love.


The truth is there IS a short-cut to love.


Many of my clients are exhausted…either from online dating or from the same patterns of attraction.


Which is a big problem, because feeling refreshed, open, confident, and feminine is essential to receiving and giving love.


When you’re in love, you glow. You magnetize the perfect opportunities and perfect people to you easily, while having LOTS of fun.


But how do you get to love, when all you feel is burnt-out and so ready to FINALLY find your man?


If you feel like you can’t go on one more lousy date or date one more guy like you always have, it’s not your fault.


The system is not set up for you to win — the apps want to keep you single and the typical guy you attract probably just wants to use or manipulate you.


However, when my clients start to work with me they are RELIEVED.


Relieved to have someone show them how to date effectively, how to stay in their power, how to attract an amazing partner, and how to communicate in a way that draws him closer.


My client Eve found me a few weeks ago, and was panicked about the guy she had just started seeing. Her anxiety was through the roof, and it was affecting her sleep and her confidence. She was crying many times a week, certain this guy was giving her the cold shoulder.


When she joined my program she said “FINALLY, I have the skills and tools and guidance I need to trust myself and the process. And he’s been blowing up my phone ever since!”


Eve was RELIEVED to have someone tell her what to do, so she could stop overthinking it.


Stop being exhausted and start being ENERGIZED and EXCITED about your future. If you argue for your limitations, you’ll get to keep them 😉


If you want to feel your guy come back towards you, you have to know the short-cut to from exhausted to adored.


Which is…Pleasure.


Yes — pleasure. You are designed for pleasure and it is the fastest thing to bring the best relationship to you.


Do you know what pleasure is, and how to find your pleasure? Do you understand how pleasure is the bedrock of femininity?


If not, don’t worry. You can book a call with us and find out.


Life’s too short to live it exhausted and in your masculine energy all the time. Attract a partner who wants to make your life easier and provide for you — emotionally and otherwise. And the short-cut to do it is pleasure.


Xoxo, Violet


PS if you feel exhausted in your love life and are ready for a better way, so you feel excited and energized instead of fearful and depleted, take an easy step right now and book a free Breakthrough to Love session here:

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