This time of year is all about letting go of old stories, challenging our limiting beliefs, and setting ourselves up for success in 2018 — in life and in love.

One of the biggest problems I see during this time — which could instead be a time of optimism and preparation — is women getting stuck in unhealthy thinking.

When you have a break from your normal routine (which many of us do during Christmas to New Years), do you ever feel like you’ve got too much time to think?

How often have you noticed a little reminiscing suddenly spiral into self-doubt?

Have you ever allowed being heartbroken to cause you to feel “mind-broken” — analyzing old memories and being super hard on yourself?

I know what a big challenge this is, because I’ve seen so many women get “stuck” this time of year…

Instead of celebrating what went well, they fixate on what wasn’t perfect…which takes the wind out of the New Year’s sail 🙂

A woman I worked with initially didn’t believe love was possible for her. She had almost given up.

Within weeks of working together to shift her beliefs and align her mind/body/spirit, she met an incredible man.

Not only did he end up proposing to her 8 months later, but he also bought her a new car this Christmas. Like the bow-on-top in the driveway sort of thing. Literally!

When she texted me the picture I almost thought it was a joke!

As she proved, negative thinking might be the most important habit we break.


Beliefs are like living organisms — they grow, whether they’re good or their bad.

Like Mae West said, “too much of a good thing is wonderful”

But too much of a bad thing can ruin more than just a moment…

It can create a toxic thought loop that keeps you just out of reach of your dreams…single for too long…3 month or shorter relationships…settling for the wrong one.

You are too awesome to waste this precious time of year on unhealthy beliefs leading to unhealthy habits and then watching another day, month, or year goes by…

You have so much love to give, so much beauty to be admired, and so much captivating complexity to be appreciated, and it’s been locked away for too long.

You deserve 2018 to literally be the BEST YEAR of YOUR LIFE!

And when a woman is lit up in love, and able to give her radiance to the world, not only do you light up in all the other parts of your life, but the entire planet receives your divine feminine wisdom.

I’ve seen so many women find their person and watch their career and their creativity take off.

Now is not the time to let our old negativity carry it’s cloak into the future. It’s time for something fresh. Don’t miss it 🙂



PS If you’re tired of putting one foot forward and taking two steps back…or getting blown off course easily by one text from an ex…I’d love to talk. Mental resilience and breaking the bad habit of negativity aren’t things you learn out of a book…they are skills you develop and condition. Set up your free 45 minute Breakthrough to Love session here and get the clarity you need to wrap up your 2017 right!

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