I have a big problem to talk to you about today…

And that’s the issue of not trusting…YOURSELF.

Sometimes I talk to women who are so hungry to change their love life

they are decisive and committed to making this part of their life freaking awesome

and willing to do what it takes to get great at love and attracting high quality men.

And sometimes I talk to women and it’s like something just isn’t clicking…

They know they can’t continue to feel:

*Used and abandoned and ghosted from all these 1 or 2 month “relationships”

*Pain and dissociation during sex

*Jealous of all the people getting married and having kids when they know they’re a great catch

But you know what happens?

Despite them KNOWING they need to change, they start listening to something very dangerous.

They start listening to their fear.

I get it — we all have the little voice that challenges us, that steals our dreams, that tells us we can’t change.

But if we listen to that voice and worse, don’t take action because of that voice, we are dooming ourselves to a life of being a victim.

I spent a few years being a victim…saying how hard it was to change, complaining to all my girlfriends how much men sucked, and crying all the time not to mention drinking a little too much.

And I gotta tell you those were the toughest years of my life.

I am a SURVIVOR of sexual abuse, cheating, divorce, miscarriage, and all that stuff.

And I don’t really care.

Because the most important thing was not the hell-hole I was living in, it was that I made a powerful choice to GET OUT.

I now am married to the man of my dreams, living in the best city in the world, traveling whenever we want, and making a massive impact helping women find the love of their life (80% of the women I work with are in an incredible relationship in 6 months).

So having gone through that transformation and helped over 100 women do the same, I’m curious…

Who is telling you that the great guys are gone?

Who is telling you that you can’t have everything you want and then some?

Who is telling you that this is “just how it is” or “let’s just stay single”?

If that’s a friend or family member, you better back away slowly and start spending less time with them…

you need a group of people who totally uplift you and inspire you with their commitment to love on their terms

And if that voice telling you all those things is YOU…

Then we need to talk.

Because I have never met a human being who didn’t feel fear.

That’s normal, and not that exciting to me.

The people I’m so jazzed about — the people who make my day and my life (other than my husband of course :)), are the people who say “F it” to Fear…

People who know the voices in their head aren’t real,

who know that while the opportunity to find love IS real, it doesn’t happen forever

(let me tell you it is WAY harder to date in your 50s than your 30s and 40s)…

I can help you claim your inner survivor and heal — attracting love in as little as 4 weeks.

But I can’t want it more than you do.

I LOVE people who are ready to be a VICTOR and not a victim.

Men do too. From this place ANYTHING is possible!

Are you ready to trust yourself and trust your YES and stop listening to your fear?

Xoxo, Violet

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