How do you want your friends to respond when they meet your new man?


Excited? Grateful you finally found someone? Secretly jealous because he’s so hot? Hahaha 🙂


One of the biggest mistakes women make in love is setting a vision in isolation.


They think about their partner like it’s a two-person world. And they forget that relationship is only one part of their eco-system of support.


An important part of my process for transforming women from single and lonely to deliciously in love and claimed, is vetting.


Vetting out potential partners with me — yes, I will help you see the red flags and sort through online dating, so you don’t get stuck with the wrong guy.


Look, if your partner makes the rest of your life, and friends, go away or get worse, he’s co-dependent and controlling.


How do you want your partner to fit into your friendships and family and work life?


Do you want him to be extroverted and the life of the party, making everyone laugh?


Do you want him to catch your eye and make you feel his desire for you?


Do you want him to be supportive, the guy who cheers you on and praises you, making you feel like a million bucks?


How do YOU want to feel in social situations with him? Safe? Supported? Happy? Secure?


Don’t dream up your guy as “just the two of us”. You may be each other’s rock, but you live in a world with other relationships and people.


If you don’t remember that, you’ll miss out on opportunities to serve and uplift your community…and you’ll isolate yourself as a couple until it combusts.


Or worse, you’ll pick the wrong guy and it’ll cause lots of drama in your circles.


One of my favorite things to hear from a client is when she says “My family just loves him!” or “My dad totally approved!” or “My friends said I seem so happy with him — yay!”


Don’t set your vision in a vacuum. Know what you want your friends and family to say when they meet your King. And don’t settle for less along the way.


Xoxo, Violet


PS If you need help meeting the right kind of guy who you WANT to introduce to your friends, let’s talk. There’s so much more to relationship and attracting the right guy than you might realize. But it can be easy with the right support. Just set up a free Breakthrough to Love session here:

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