Have you been feeling in a dating funk? Not digging the apps? Not feeling interested in anyone?

Fifty years ago (or even twenty), there was far less selection when it came to dating. Now there are new apps launched all the time, but no one seems that much happier in dating and love… and only 20% of new relationships start online.

There’s an exception though — a small group of women who are changing dating and how to find love, making it so much easier for themselves.

If you’ve been online dating for more than a few months…

If you’re been going on more than a date or two a week…

If you’ve been networking hard and being super social in the hopes of finding your guys at happy hour…

Then chances are you have been through — or are currently in — dating burn-out. 

This is a problem because if you’re feeling cranky about dating and love, you’re not exactly putting out the right vibes for romance.

I remember getting into those funks, and it would just get worse and worse, attracting lower and lower quality guys, like a dark cloud over my life, until I got frustrated enough to give up for a few months, dust myself off, and then try again.

But that cycle is exhausting!

The women who are loving dating, and successfully using dating to find love, are taking a different approach than the feast-or-famine mentality.

I teach these women, my clients, a strategic approach that’s a blend of three things:

Online (but using online in the right way, to attract higher quality men — I even write all of my clients’ profiles for them)

In-person (but at events that actually feel good not just singles mixers or going to the bar — I show my clients where to go in their area to find their particular match)

Set-ups and synchronicity (yes, you can leverage the law of attraction and your network to find your King — my program is designed to attract your mate on a spiritual level too)

The key is to do these things in the right way, with the right energy. Dating is not a numbers game, it’s an energy game. 

Which is why focusing on the apps or dating activities without first doing your work (to heal, to integrate your mind/body/heart, and to find your feminine essence) will always result in burn-out.

If you’re feeling exhausted by dating, and haven’t dated in a while, or are still on all the apps unsuccessfully, you’ve got to get your mind/body/heart in the right place AND learn the right way to date effectively using the strategic approach I teach my clients.

This is how to date like a Queen, attract your King, and feel Fabulously Feminine alone the way. Sound good?

Xoxo, Violet

P.S. if you’re sick of dating but are ready for love, let’s talk! Set up a free Strategy To Love Session Call with us. We’ll ask you some questions about your love life, and see if it’s a good fit to take the next step. If so, we’ll set you up with a free Strategy Session with one of our Love Success coaches to map out a game plan for you. Get started dating in a way that’s healthier and more effective (and actually leads to a great relationship) by going to www.violetlange.com/talk 

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