I could have stayed suffocated for my whole life.


But I healed, and continue to heal, those imprints on my nervous system, so that another woman does not have to go through this ever again. I spent 6+ years in therapy, hired coaches, saw healers, did retreats, and spent over $50,000.


It has been the best investment I have ever made because it brought me back to myself, my power, and my ability to give and receive healthy love. I would spend 10x that again, in a heartbeat — even if I had to work my whole life to pay that debt.


Because the debt of staying stuck in your trauma is what breaks the spirit and THAT is far too big a price to pay.


I don’t share this for your sympathy. I share it because I need you to know WHY I do what I do and the level of commitment I expect of myself, my team, and my clients.


There’s no way I crawled out of that hell hole to pretend that life, and love, is a cake walk.


There’s no way I survived and THRIVED from the crap I went through, just to give up all my power to a shady guy, or a woman who trolls my Facebook posts, or potential client who waffles on her committment.


There’s no way I endured miscarriage, divorce, being cheated on, dating narcissists and on and on, just to give up.


Not now, and not ever.


If you’re not that serious about love, you do you boo. I am not here to convince you or anyone about love.


If you don’t realize by now that love is the greatest force on the planet and the biggest multiplier to get you everything you want in life (power, success, money, passion, health, peace, freedom), you need more than a free coaching call or blog post or video to wake up.


I ask a lot of myself. I ask a lot of my clients. And I ask a lot of my team. Not to mention of my husband 😉 Don’t worry though, I more than make up for it and we have more love now in our relationship than I’ve ever experienced in my life.


My point is, stop complaining about love. Stop overanalyzing his texts. Stop being the damsel in distress. Stop saying you want a partner but then waffling any time you have to actually make a decision to choose love right now. Stop sending mixed messages to the universe.


Heal your own life by getting support and guidance from an expert. Be committed to what you want. I can help you heal and turn your whole love life around in weeks so it doesn’t have to take you two decades like it did for me. But I can’t want love for you more than you do — if I did, it would just be codependency.


The only love that survives is love which is as authentic and fierce as it is romantic and tender. That’s the love I’m interested in for me and my clients.


If that’s what you want, by all means book a free call with my team at www.violetlange.com/talk — I guarantee they will help you.


But if you are ambivalent about love, just want to complain, or are okay with continuing in your shi!!y circumstances, don’t waste your time. I only want to help those who are ready for it.


Xoxo, Violet

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