My heart is so soft right now, having traveled through India recently, including Varanasi, one of the oldest (if not the oldest) cities in the world.

This whole trip has been an invitation for me to love more fully…to open even more…


Because India is so rich with color, movement, flavor that it demands you open to it. India is the original divine feminine.

Varanasi is the city of transformation…people have been honoring it for 5,000 years as a place of life and death.

What’s that got to do with love?

Each of us experiences life and death along our journey…little deaths when relationships go south.

New life when we meet someone amazing.

Love is a potent tool for transformation.

But do you ever get anxious about love and the “end” of it?

Do you cling tightly to relationships? To expectations? To ideas of love?

As we walked to the river I was feeling closed off, trying to protect myself from the stimulation of the city…beggars, sadhus, cremations happening, cows in the street, horns honking…

And then I asked myself, what would happen if I softened a little?

If I allowed myself to experience more, even though it was chaotic?

Most women I talk to have an agenda, a schedule, a plan for their life.

Yet something hasn’t turned out the way they planned…LOVE.

And that’s because they’re approaching it all wrong.

It’s not their fault — no one taught them how to love in a practical, effective, but still oh-so-romantic way!

“When the flower opens, the bee appears” is an old saying

How open are you to love?

Are you stuck in planning mode and feeling frustrated?

The deep mysteries of love don’t come from the head…and they also don’t come from being blindly open and ungrounded.

There is a wise, beautiful presence inside of you who can attract your King…but it’s different than what you expect.

When I was by the river, and softened to allow more love and more openness, my entire experience changed.

I was in the flow of love — I WAS the flow of love…

I felt so much energy and lightness all at the same time.

I felt radiant, ecstatic, and peaceful.

You don’t have to travel to Varanasi to have that experience.

But you do have to learn the skills to open to love, to feel worthy of love, and to keep it going, forever.

Being with your person doesn’t mean you don’t experience transformation.

It means you get to experience all those little endings WITH someone else by your side.

Your love never ends, just your false notions of it.

What would it be like if you never had to worry about a relationship ending again?

How would it feel to relax and soften into the safe presence of your King?

Find your flow of love — you are ready for the transformation.

xoxo, Violet

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