Not getting enough dates? Not converting those dates into a fulfilling relationship?

It’s a big problem that most women don’t understand what men want…or they mistakenly assume men only want one thing.

Figuring out what men want is hard, isn’t it? It seems like it gets harder every day with all the apps and profiles and drama.

Which is a shame, really, because understanding your date, and future partner, is a big part of getting into a great relationship.

What DO men want?

I don’t have to guess at what men want…I know what they want, because men speak to the women in my program regularly.

I bring successful, kind, and authentic men in to connect with my clients…so they get to understand the masculine from a variety of men and date more effectively with that knowledge.

Consistently — regardless of age, ethnicity, or career — men want the same things.

So I’m not going to hold it back from you ladies! Listen up 🙂

This is the first in a five part series on what men want,


on the fears which may be keeping you from offering those things to men and getting the love you desire.

The number one thing a man wants is a woman who is:

#1 Embodied

The unhealthy masculine wants the opposite of an embodied woman…

they want women to be disassociated, drunk, and unaware, so they can take advantage of women.

The HEALTHY masculine wants a woman who is connected to her body, confident in her body, and enjoying her body. He wants her to be aware and attuned.

The healthy masculine finds an embodied woman to be magnetic, and deeply sexy.

Not a single man I talked to said he looks for a specific appearance from a woman…it’s not about her shape or size or color of lipstick.

It’s about how she moves, how she carries herself, and how she communicates through her expressions.

It’s a felt-sense or inner-knowing that a man can tell about a woman instantly.

So what gets in the way of women being embodied?

The fear of our shadow.

The fear of actually finding out what our body has to say, what she wants, and what she won’t tolerate.

The fear of having to deal with and process our feelings and our past experiences.

This fear keeps many women stuck in their heads: over-analyzing, worrying, or staying unintegrated body, mind, and heart.

This fear also looks like fear of our own sexuality.

With all that fear, something powerful must be there to break through it. And there is.

There are three key benefits of being embodied:

1–Men notice you and ask you out. My clients get asked out in the park, on the subway, and at events.

2–You feel safer because you’re more aware of how you feel and what your body needs.

3–You feel sexier because you’re celebrating your body instead of punishing her.

Wins all around 🙂

Tomorrow I’ll be sharing the second quality the healthy masculine looks for in a woman…and the fear which may be keeping you from getting second or third dates with great men. Stay tuned 🙂

Xoxo, Violet

PS If you want to know HOW to become more embodied so you can attract a healthy man and create an awesome relationship, schedule a free Breakthrough to Love session now 

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