Where are you holding back? Treading lightly? Withholding your emotions or your truth? I LOVE this quote because it reminds us to PLAY FULL OUT.

To be who you are, without apology or delay.

When you don’t do this — when you hide — relationships crumble. Dust. Finito. The shell breaks and there’s nothing inside.

This week I asked the women in my course where they were still hiding, and how they wanted to shine…

They are having massive breakthroughs:

getting asked for their number, asked to dance, asked to be exclusive…

saying no to dates they don’t want to go on, saying no to situations that feel icky, saying no to the fears in their head…

trusting themselves and speaking without hesitation and without holding back

expressing their desires without justifying or demanding, and watching their love interest meet them, match them, step by step

And they want to shine even brighter. It is like watching the stars appear in the night sky, they are brilliant!

NONE of these life-changing shifts would be possible if they were walking on eggshells or afraid to break some eggs.

They are getting the love they want, yes, but they are also getting back their POWER.

Love IS power. It’s no longer either / or…power without love is ruthless, and love without power is impotent.

It’s time for powerful love.

It’s time to stop hiding from your desire and time to embrace your healthy sense of DESERVING.

If you want MORE…in love and in life, say YES below.

Xoxo, Violet


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