There is only 1 day left until our LIVE workshop…


If you aren’t signed up for it yet, make sure to get in on the special deal below:



“Spring Clean Your Heart”

Tuesday March 19th

Time: 5pm PST

Your total investment: Just $580 (regularly $1100)


Register for the workshop HERE


If you’re attracting the wrong kind of men — non-commital, unavailable, only want the physical…


If you’re having a hard time getting over your ex or moving on from friends-with-benefits…


If you want a fresh start in love and to clean up your old patterns…


Then you NEED to be on this training.


Spring Clean Your Heart: Get Over Your Ex or FWB and Find Fresh Love


The way I see it, you have a choice…


  1. You can stay STUCK.


You can continue to pour your energy into men who aren’t ready…


You can continue to pine over your ex (instead of actually knowing what to do to bring him back)…


You can continue to TRY to get through your blocks and negative patterns including settling for FWB…


But that’s not what I want for you…and I know it’s not what you envision for yourself, either.


So you can stay stuck…




2) You can allow me to personally help you.


If you need some expert help to finally heal and move on…


If you need to re-wire your patterns of attraction to attract someone better next time…


If you want me to walk you through the whole process (step-by-step) of getting ready to date from the right vibration and mindset and skillset so you can have a healthy love…


Then this workshop is the much-needed training you’ve been waiting for.


By the end of this 3-hour interactive workshop, you will have:


***A set of tools for healing your heart and finding gratitude and peace for your past


***A detailed understanding of your patterns of attraction and how you got into those relationships in the first place


***A mapped-out GAME PLAN for getting a fresh start in love this spring


Reserve your spot HERE




“Spring Clean Your Heart: Get Over Your Ex or FWB and Find Fresh Love! ”

Tuesday March 19th

Time: 5pm to 8pm PST

Your total investment: Just $580 with our Fresh Start Special (regular price $1100)


Reserve your spot HERE


!! There are just a FEW HOURS LEFT to grab your seat at this rate. Reserve your seat NOW !!


See you tomorrow!


Xoxo, Violet

P.S. Be advised — I’m only offering this training on March 19th. If you register now, the REPLAY is included. If you wait, you can still purchase the replay but it will be sold for $1100 – almost TWICE as much. Get all the delicious details and tips now for just $580. Spring Clean Your Heart: Get Over Your Ex or FWB and Find Fresh Love!

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