Any single mom knows this down pat.

Because you’ve had to create the most insane schedule, the most insane life to take care of yourself and your kids.

Many women I work with are single moms, so I get it. And yet they still find a way to date (oftentimes, after we work together, they are getting asked out many times a week and having to pick just one!)

Women are masters at creating more time, more resources, more fun <3

Every woman that I meet has creativity…

But she might have forgotten, and she might not be expressing it.

It is your birthright to create…My teacher James always says, “women create without effort…they make a baby simply by receiving.”

If you don’t use your inherent creativity that energy may lead to destructive behavior…I know when I’m not creating, I’m destroying (over eating, overspending, over-criticizing…bleh!)

A way of the deeply feminine woman is to use her ability to create an opportunity to make her life just like art…savoring each moment and its unique expression.

But how do you know what you want to create?

The fourth way of a deeply feminine woman is DESIRE…

You know what to create by following your desire and staying turned-on about life.

This goes against the grain of what we’re often taught as women.

Were taught not to have wants and needs.

To put everyone else’s desires ahead of ours.

But that leaves us burnt out, stressed, and lonely.

Or we’re taught that having desires is painful…either we’re punished for our desires, labeled as greedy, or told that we’re selfish.

Desire is our beacon back to ourselves. Suppressing our desires goes against the natural expansion of life. You are here because of desire!

I believe society wants to separate us from our desires so we stay enmeshed (and co-dependent) with everyone else.

Make a list of your desires. Ten things.

Everything from the super small like a watermelon jolly rancher (my mouth waters just thinking of those)…

All the way to the super big like a house in Kauai.

Anything that makes your body tingle or your eyes light up…put it on the desires list. And keep that list in your purse or by your bed or in your office…

Use this list to remember you are SO MUCH BIGGER than your current circumstances, and your next iteration is just one desire away 🙂

Xoxo, Violet

I’d love to hear about your BIG DREAMS and JUICY DESIRES for love. Share your desires list in our private Facebook Group The Art of Passionate Intimacy. And if you need help getting from where you are to the life of love you want, just set up some time with me here:

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