There are so many things in life we can get upset about.

So many things that go wrong or don’t feel good.

Maybe something happens you didn’t expect like your dog puked on the carpet or your computer crashed.

Instead of getting super serious and frustrated about it, what if you laughed?

What if you found amusement in every moment?

What if you said “well, this must be what the Universe wants me to do in this moment! Clean up my carpet lol, isn’t it funny how my dog rules the roost? Come here baby it’s okay, just drink some more water as mama cleans this up. We all get sick sometimes!”

There are many female personas and goddesses who carry this gift of amusement and laughter.

One of these is Hecate … she just lifts her skirt and flashes Demeter when she’s down in Hades trying to find her daughter Persephone…Demeter has been searching and is exhausted. Hecate totally breaks up her bad mood and gets her to laugh again, and her daughter returns.

That’s an old Greek tale.

But the point is, when you can laugh at your circumstances everything becomes lighter.

So when you find yourself in those moments of not feeling in your pleasure, find a reason to laugh.

It feels freaking awesome.

Tell me about a time you turned a crummy situation into laughter? Either reply here or go post in our private Facebook group The Art of Passionate Intimacy 🙂

Xoxo, Violet

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