The point of all of this quarantine is about love…

love for those at risk, so much that we’re willing to be separate for a while, to change our way of life for a time, to protect the most vulnerable.


The point of separation though, is to wake us up to our desire to merge with others.


When we cut ourselves off, even for the higher good of humanity, it brings up our fears and our longings.


Have you noticed that you feel the ache even deeper, the ache to have a loving partner?


Have you noticed that you crave emotional, physical, mental, and spiritual intimacy, especially as an anecdote to the anxiety, boredom, and fear?


Have you noticed that things which seemed really important — like your work, your bank account, your plans — now feel out of your control as you’re forced to slow down and reprioritize?


It could be that pandemics are the new normal in our society. While we can’t avoid them, we can navigate through them with greater ease and clarity.


What if you had an incredible partner who inspired you, to help you in this time?


Someone to cuddle with, laugh with, dream with…someone to maybe even make a baby with 🙂 Someone to remind you of all that is good and sane in the world.


What if you could meet this partner NOW?


What if you didn’t have to just “wait” to bump into your forever love?


This time of surrender is actually a wonderful time to meet a partner, if you know how to approach dating now with an integrated heart, mind, body, and with the right skills.


There will be more people than ever online, looking for connection. But it’s easy to see the worst of humanity on the dating apps, and be more discouraged than ever.


What if you had someone to guide you through the process so that online dating was fun? And so that it attracted the best matches to you? What if this intense time was the best time you had available for meeting someone available?


Every circumstance is either a problem or an opportunity. The people who find lasting love and thrive in their relationships will be those who know how to adapt and how to reach out for help during this time, even if, and especially if, they are alone. It’s easy to set up a free call with me here:


Xoxo, Violet

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