Do you ever struggle with making decisions in love?


Not sure whether to give the boring guy a chance?


Not sure whether or not to have the “talk” about the relationship?


Not sure if you should keep in touch with your ex?


There are SO many decisions to make in love, more than just to swipe left or swipe right.


Which is actually a huge problem, because these millions of decisions can cripple a relationship or a date.


Why? Too much time spent on a decision can make a woman get into her head instead of living in her heart.


We can’t build relationships just by being in our heads. That’s not where love happens.


I know I wasted about 4 years being totally passive and indecisive in love. And the type of men I was attracting just got worse and worse.


But, imagine knowing that your guy was your guy — through thick and thin.


Imagine falling asleep in his arms and waking up by his side.


Imagine knowing exactly what to do or say to draw him closer again and again.


Wouldn’t it be awesome to not have to make so many decisions in dating? Wouldn’t it be awesome to trust love?


Let me break it down for you:


There’s really only one decision you need to make…


And that is the decision to fix your problems with relationships right now, for good.


If we haven’t decided to improve something, it will stay the same or get worse.


The only time to decide is right now. Don’t give your power to your problems.


Let me explain the power of a decision. My client Emily had been single off and on for 12 years. She kept attracting emotionally unavailable men. She kept getting ghosted.


She made a powerful decision on December 30th to change her relationship patterns forever by joining my program Queens of Pleasure.


Eight weeks later she has a committed, exclusive, loving boyfriend and a new job.


Why did it take her only 8 weeks after wasting nearly 12 years???!!!???


She finally decided to fix the problem, not just complain about it.


Have you decided to stop wasting your time? Have you decided to fix your problems with love?


Xoxo, Violet


PS if you’ve decided to fix your problems and remove your blocks to femininity, power, confidence, and clarity in dating and relationships, then sign up for a free Breakthrough to Love call — we help women get out of their own way and get into a great relationship fast:

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