There’s one thing that can kill your love life.


And I bet it’s not what you think it is…


It’s not about picking the wrong dating app, or texting your ex, or making the first move.


The real destroyer in your love life is this:


Upleveling other areas of your life, and getting worse at love.


I see this all the time — women will improve their health, finances, career, or friendships, but DECLINE their activity and interest in love. When this happens, the loneliness soon erodes all of those other gains.


Look this form of self-sabotage even happens to me. And it’s SO TRICKY you might not even notice. It took me a while to figure out.


Every time I make big change in one part of my life, if I’m not careful, I’ll let another part of my life slide. My spirtuality improves, my health declines. My travel and adventure improves, my focus declines.




I, and many of you reading this, are afraid of taking up more space, going after our dreams, getting what we want.


So we uplevel in one area only to downlevel in another, in order to feel safe and accepted. It’s maddening!


How do you change that?


You take calculated risks. You take bets on YOURSELF.


When you are taking big leaps, you cannot stay small. Especially when you have a mentor who is holding you accountable and watching out for you.


I have clients who through my program not only found love, but wrote books, got new higher-paying jobs, lost weight and wore a bikini for the first time in their life. They upleveled in EVERY AREA.


Love is the magic pill. When you have the right love for you, everything gets upleveled. But only if you choose to get unstuck.


Xoxo, Violet


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