Nothing changes without a little anger…

I hear a lot of “spiritual” teachers say that anger is a poison, or unevolved, or not “feminine.”

But I want to tell you that is total BS.

Nothing changes without anger. Anger is a spiritual POWER when used effectively.

Even Jesus got angry — remember the stories of Him throwing over the tables in the temple?

Anger is necessary to upset the system: be it an entire culture or the way you are living your life.

When you don’t allow yourself to get angry, you stay too long in unhealthy relationships which drain your self-esteem.

When you don’t allow yourself to get angry, other women seem to always be getting the guy and getting married while you’re still single.

When you don’t allow yourself to get angry, you end up repeating the same relationship pattern and have short term relationships with lower and lower quality men.

If you don’t feel even a little angry about your love life, you probably shouldn’t be reading this…

And if that pissed you off, then good 😉


Anger is a sign that there is a BETTER WAY to do things.

Anger is a sign that you DESERVE MORE.

Anger is a sign that IT’S TIME TO CHANGE and you cannot stay stuck.

If everything is “fine” then nothing new that’s good can come.

Are you willing to say and admit to yourself that everything is not “fine”? That you want more and you’re ready for it?

One of my teachers calls this energy “rumble in the jungle”…it’s the antidote to “fine” (which actually means flat, neutral, and about to decline).

Anger is the fierce feminine power to create and destroy, to tussle and play-fight, and to channel our fire and might to create better relationships and a better society.

Female anger gave rise to women’s voting, to breaking the glass ceiling, and to the #metoo movement.

And ladies, we are just getting started.

Clear anger leads to clear action.

Allow yourself to feel your anger.

Allow yourself to want more.

And allow yourself to take clear and decisive action in the direction of your dreams for you and humanity.

Xoxo, Violet

PS if you’ve had enough of being single, if you’re angry about how difficult it is to date, and if you’re ready to find a better way, let’s talk. I offer complimentary Breakthrough to Love sessions for women who are committed to living their biggest life and to creating lasting love. If that’s you, I have a few spaces this week still in my calendar and you can grab your spot here:


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