How often have you felt outraged after the fact?

Maybe a bad date, a line crossed, or a snide put-down that catches us off guard…

Or maybe a gift, an offer to help, and our own shut down or resistance pops up.

Lost power doesn’t mean it’s gone forever though!!!

Energy is not destroyed or created. It just gets stored up for a different time.

So don’t worry, it’s not your fault if you’ve wanted to have more power or to speak up for yourself sooner…

No one really taught us how to do that, because most of us played the role of being the “good girl” growing up…

So we didn’t learn how to use our WOMAN voice and our WOMAN power.

I spent most of my life operating from my little girl, versus the potent feminine fire that I now hold as a woman.

That little girl was trying to keep me safe, trying to heal old patterns by creating more of the same, and futilely clinging to the wrong men.

I “wasted” years of my life not being in my power.

But when we have the courage to say ENOUGH or I WANT MORE or NEVER AGAIN,

And when we energetically, emotionally, and physically back that up with an unwavering commitment to ourselves,

shifts happen instantly.

Until you do this, you’ll carry around that tension of trapped energy, of “lost” or unused power.

You may notice you’re storing tension in your body, like tight shoulders or neck or hips…

Or you may notice you’re storing tension as a form of control, controlling your actions or feelings, or controlling your identity as a strong, independent woman…

or you may notice you’re storing tension in the desire to be both safe and feminine, strong and sensual, a badass and surrendered…

This tension is a big problem…

because men can sense that tension, and it scares them.

When a woman stores tension, it comes out as passive-aggressive, defensive, and emasculating, and it makes men run for the hills.

When you let tension flow through you, however, it’s a gift for the whole world.

Trapped tension becomes creativity, clear boundaries, pleasure, and new beginnings.

My clients learn how to move the tension in their minds, hearts, and bodies,

so they can create better relationships and invite in an amazing, consistent, committed partner.

The journey of relationship isn’t about the outcome of getting the guy…

It’s about becoming the goddess you’ve always wanted to be,

the goddess who has been hidden beneath these layers of tension,

locked away as the little girl runs the show.

Who has the keys to your Queendom?

Xoxo, Violet

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