No seriously, the way you interact with yourself is morphed.

Kind of like being in a funhouse mirror.

You see your flaws.

You probably forget your beauty.

And you certainly can’t see the goddess that your future partner will see.

Sometimes we are just too close to our own stuff.

I slipped into some not-so-nice behavior this week…nit-picking myself, feeling insecure, spending time in the mirror comparing what was there to what used to be…

Casually Jason noticed and I went off in a tirade of self-directed negativity.

His response?

“The first thing you see when you look in the mirror isn’t “wow, I’m beautiful?” Must be so hard to be a woman.”

It was a moment that changed my whole day and my whole week. I love it when he illuminates my perspective 🙂

He saw something that I had stopped seeing when I looked in the mirror.

He saw me.

Not a random assortment of body parts or what shirt I was wearing or how well I’d slept or not the night before.

He just saw his wife.

And he thought it was beautiful.

Who sees you — like REALLY sees you — and reflects it back to you?

Who gives you a better perspective on things when you get down?

Who reminds you to not lose touch with who you really are, no matter the external circumstances?

We all need these cheerleaders. Within ourselves. Within our partners.

And if you’re single, it’s even more important you get to see and remember the real you. Because there’s someone out there looking for your unique everything — just as you are. And if you’re focused on tearing yourself down, you will not find him.

One of the women in my group said last night “what I feel I’m too little of is my own cheerleader. I need to be saying nice things to myself! I need to be cheering myself up and cheering myself on!”

Another woman nodded in agreement, and wrote in the chat “me too.”

Being hard on ourselves in an epidemic…

But all it takes is a new perspective to help you remember:

You ARE beautiful.

You ARE so much brighter than you can even see.

You ARE here for a reason and your heart has great love.

So, what do you want to see about yourself today?

Xoxo, Violet

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