The myth is that it takes a long time to heal…


The truth is that healing can happen quickly…when we stop hiding our heart.


Have you ever had a crazy breakup, devastating divorce, or hyperactive career, and gone straight into shutdown mode?


Do you ever notice a woman with her shoulders hunched up and leaning forward, walking briskly, disconnected from her hips?


Time and time again I see women who’ve been all but broken by life…


Or women who are pushing and hustling so much, but keep working harder and harder only to get less and less love and appreciation.


I want you to stop hiding, stop hustling, and start flaunting. Yes flaunting!


Flaunt your confidence and joy.


Flaunt your feminine energy.


Flaunt your unique, radiant heart and sumptuous body.


This is not about acting (or feeling) desperate.


Connect to what lights you up, savor each morsel of pleasure, and boldly show the world how fabulous it is to be you.


Men are attracted to confidence — to feminine confidence.


In fact when I asked Jason some of his favorite memories, he said the first time he met Pink Chai.


Now Pink Chai is my nickname — it’s the fiesty, sassy, sexy, and playful part of me…a little bit spicy, a little bit sweet.


I remember getting ready wearing just pink underwear and bringing the Pink Chai energy, when Jason and I were on our first road trip.


Years later that’s still one of his all-time favorite memories. Just me doing my makeup in the bathroom mirror!


It’s time to turn up the dial on YOU!


Does that scare you? Good! We’ve been taught that we need to stay small and frightened and meek. So there is a ton of cultural fear around being boldly in our feminine…


But there are lots of women who have gone before you to make it possible — and enjoyable — to stop hiding, stop hustling, and start flaunting.


In gratitude to those women, and to all of my clients who are taking fearless feminine action towards their most radical, embodied selves.


It looks good on you.


Xoxo, Violet


PS if you’re ready to stop hiding, stop hustling, and start receiving incredible love and empowered opportunities, let’s talk. It’s your time to breakthrough any limiting beliefs and start flaunting your fabulous self, with my support and the love of my team. Book your free Breakthrough to Love call here right now:

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