Wow, I know that might sound harsh…


You’re probably thinking “Violet, if I knew how to stop being single, I would be in a relationship right now”


And I hear you, most of us were never actually taught how to be in a partnership, which is why healthy relationship is the new awakening. It is a whole different ball-game now than it was when our parents met, or even ten years ago when there were far fewer apps and options.


But here’s the deal…and I’m going to tell on myself here…


Most of my life I was more attached to being single than to being in a great partnership. I *thought* I wanted a relationship but my behaviors, words, and thoughts sure said otherwise.


While my heart was longing for love, I was rejecting and dismissing every good man, and falling for all the wrong ones…just to subconsciously prove that I was a victim and unlovable.


Sound familiar?


Many women fall into this trap.


One my clients had total paranoia — that’s the best way to describe it, as she would text me many times a day when we first started our work together — that her new guy was going to leave or stop liking her.


It was a real problem because she wasn’t able to concentrate on her work or her creative projects, and she didn’t have many friends because she was riddled with anxiety or always worrying about him.


There was so much fear of love that she seemed to be moments away from sabotaging a good start to a relationship.


She knew this was a tough nut to crack — she had to be stronger than her fears to believe in herself enough to get my help. But getting my help was exactly what would help her believe in herself and be stronger than her fears.


So she did it — she said yes to my program and system, and said goodbye to being single.


Within weeks her anxiety decreased significantly, her guy professed his love for her, and they see each other nearly daily now.


He even told his friends that she is the main thing he’s focused on now — deepening their relationship — because her support and care is helping him reach new heights in his career and making him feel better as a man than he ever has.


When’s the last time a great guy told you that you were his top priority?


You may not want to hear this, but I am devoted to the truth so I’m going to say it anyway…


Being single is a choice. You can stop being single. You can create a great relationship without settling. You can remove all the blocks keeping you from love.


But first you have to choose. All that’s standing between you now and a fantastic, fairytale romance is a choice to get some help.


This is my specialty and I have an amazing team who lives for love.


So if you want great results in your love life, just like in the other parts of your life, let’s get on the phone and see how we can help. You’ll see what’s holding you back and get clarity on where you want to go — if we can help you get there great, but if we don’t feel we can get you what you need, we’ll steer you in another direction. Sound fair?


This is your year to stop being single.


Xoxo, Violet


PS if you haven’t signed up for your free Breakthrough to Love call yet, it’s easy to grab a spot right now (but just to warn you we only have a few spots left). Just go to

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