Spring Clean Your Heart: Get Over Your Ex or FWB and Find Fresh Love!


The myth is, time heals all wounds…


The truth is, skill heals all wounds.


Sure you could hope that time will heal your broken heart,


But if you really did need heart surgery, you wouldn’t try to put a bandaid on it, would you?


You’d find an expert surgeon and get it handled ASAP.


Did you know?


The average time between relationships for women in the U.S. is FIVE years! Wow.


So if you have gone through a breakup in the last year, or even in the last few months, you could be looking at being single another 4+ years…and I don’t want that for you.


Not knowing how to properly get over an ex and move on into fresh new love — even BETTER love — is a big problem.


Most of our parents, schools, churches, and friends did not teach us proper relationship skills, and most women are floundering — by no fault of their own.


There’s actually a big cost to dating when you haven’t healed a broken heart…


You are way more likely to have a rebound relationship, or attract someone the complete opposite (not necessarily in a good way) of your ex.


And you’re way more likely to struggle to attract a high quality MASCULINE guy if you’re guarded or closed off from the last breakup.


Now for those of you stuck in FWB (friends-with-benefits) situations, the consequences are even higher because that guy could be sleeping with someone else…


leaving you with health risks and a broken heart when he moves on before you do.


But imagine what it would feel like to spring clean your heart and have a totally fresh start in love…


Imagine feeling happier and lighter and more hopeful


Imagine feeling sexy and confident again, turning heads and getting asked out in real life


Imagine attracting someone way better than your ex, someone who treats you like a Queen and wants commitment — with you. Someone who chooses you and someone whom you respect.


My client Jenn thought she’d never ever meet someone who made her feel like her ex…


When we started working together she was beyond heartbroken about their split,


But she said yes to joining my program anyway, because she knew that even if all she got from it was healing — nevermind learning to date — it would be worth it.


Less than six months later, not only has she had incredible healing (of her heart and her relationships and her past),


but she’s also met the man of her dreams…a guy she’s had a crush on for years and who is now pursuing her.


If you don’t have a heart that’s healed and ready for love — open and feminine instead of closed and guarded,


Then you aren’t going to attract your guy no matter how much time goes by.


If you’re serious about finding love, and meeting an amazing man who can be your date for all the summer BBQs and weddings and beach days, this training is the first step.


If you need some expert help to finally heal and move on, without having to go to therapy…


If you need to re-wire your patterns of attraction to attract someone better next time…


If you want me to walk you through the whole process (step-by-step) of getting ready to date from the right vibration and mindset and skillset so you can have a healthy love…


Then this workshop is the much-needed training you’ve been waiting for.


By the end of this 3-hour interactive workshop, you will have:


***A set of tools for healing your heart and finding gratitude and peace for your past


***A detailed understanding of your patterns of attraction and how you got into those relationships in the first place


***A mapped-out GAME PLAN for getting a fresh start in love this spring


Now there are entire programs out there that charge $5,000 to $10,000 JUST for helping you get over heart break,


without even addressing your patterns of attraction and what sabotages a relationship, or how to get a fresh start!


So get in on this phenomenal deal below:


Reserve your spot HERE




“Spring Clean Your Heart: Get Over Your Ex or FWB and Find Fresh Love! ”

Tuesday March 19th

Time: 5pm to 8pm PST

Your total investment: Just $580 with our Fresh Start Special (regular price $1100)


Reserve your spot HERE


!! There are just a FEW HOURS LEFT to grab your seat at this rate. Reserve your seat NOW while it is half the price !!


Spring Clean Your Heart: Get Over Your Ex or FWB and Find Fresh Love!


See you in a few days!


Xoxo, Violet


P.S. Be advised — I’m only offering this training on March 19th. If you register now, the REPLAY is included. If you wait, you can still purchase the replay but it will be sold for $1100 – almost TWICE as much. Get all the delicious details and tips now for just $580. Spring Clean Your Heart: Get Over Your Ex or FWB and Find Fresh Love!

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