The myth is, you shouldn’t be picky when it comes to love.

The truth is, you should be picky when it comes to love.

Your partner is one of the most important decisions, and investments, you will ever make with your time, your love, and even your money.

Making a bad decision on who you marry can cost you years and so much suffering, not to mention lawyer fees and a divorce.

My client Sarah was so terrified to start dating again, and had dated so many low integrity men, she was afraid she’d feel lonely and start to settle back into that pattern.

When we started working together, all of her old fears popped up…

Would men be interested? Would she be able to tell the good from the bad?

But she had decided she wanted love, no matter what it took. Healthy love.

She was committed to go through the process, even though she was uncertain how she’d make it through.

Sarah was tenacious in following my system and mentoring advice, and while it wasn’t easy, she completely changed the type of men she attracted…and herself along the way.

Now she’s dating a CEO who is an alpha male, incredibly respectful, and who makes her feel cherished and confident.

The best part? Their chemistry is electric!

Don’t let your well-meaning friends or family tell you to stop being picky.

I WANT you to be picky. I want you to have everything you desire when it comes to love.

But getting that kind of man and that kind of relationship takes more than wishful thinking — it takes action and skill.

(not time — dating is NOT a waiting game, and you need to be decisive because great guys don’t stay single forever)

You can’t show up to dating the same way you always have and expect a different result — expect to all of a sudden attract a healthy alpha male ready for commitment…

That’s like showing up to work without any new capabilities, and expecting a $25,000 raise.

The funny thing is though, when you do learn new skills for dating effectively, you not only attract a higher caliber man and healthier relationship, but you end up making more money along the way.


Because when you’re suffering over the jerk who broke your heart, you’re hiding your light and you’ve lost your power.

But when you have a fantastic, smart, successful man in your corner, it elevates your game in all areas of your life, work included.

And people notice!

If you want to date well, without lowering your standards, and have the last laugh to those friends who said “don’t be so picky”, it’s time to upgrade your approach.

Time and time again I see a woman get what she wants — and that confidence affects every area of her life — when she’s brave enough to say “I am worth great love and I want more.”

Your desires and preferences are powerful. Own them!

Xoxo, Violet

PS if you need help changing the type of guys you attract and getting into a healthy, committed partnership, let’s talk. Especially if you’ve been told you’re “too picky!” I have a few times open this week for free Breakthrough to Love sessions — but these spots are valuable and only for those who are committed to making a change and fired up about incredible love (without the drama). If that’s you, I’d love to chat. Just pick out your spot at

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