The myth is you should be friends with all of your exes.

The truth is you should NOT be friends with all of your exes.

So many women think they need to be polite…

That it’s “rude” to not text him back…

Or that it’s “harmless” to meet up with an ex.

Why is it that exes always come back?

From working with hundreds of women, it is like CLOCKWORK…

A woman heals and changes, and an ex reaches back out.

This is a huge problem, because if you don’t know how to navigate this,

you could get swept back into an old situation and get stuck with the wrong guy.

Or, you could never hear back from an ex and wonder is he was the one who got away…

One of my clients Jessa had been working with me a few weeks and sure enough, two of her exes contacted her!

With my help she was able to gracefully navigate those situations, get clarity on what had happened, and find closure on the future (or lack thereof) with these men.

Now she’s dating again and feeling happier than she has in months.

If you have a lot of exes hanging around, or contacting you off and on, it’s keeping you from love.

When we haven’t worked through that old energy, we’ll repeat the same pattern.

I don’t want that for you! This isn’t your fault — society teaches women to placate, to mistrust themselves, and to give people way too many second chances.

You were probably never taught how to move forward into a new relationship and how to deal with the past, but that’s okay.

Because you can always find a new way ahead. I love the proverb that says “the best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago…but the second best time is now.”

What new seeds are you planting? And have you pulled out all the weeds?

Xoxo, Violet

P.S. if you want to write a new love story with a fresh start, and are ready to put the exes behind you, let’s talk. Our signature Breakthrough to Love session is for women who want to move forward and have decided they won’t go one more day without love. You can pick out one of the few spots left for this weekend at

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