I remember how liberating it felt when I realized I wasn’t stuck sexually.

When I stopped feeling pain and disconnect.

And started experiencing epic pleasure.

I discovered that my sexuality was ever-changing and evolving, just like the other aspects of me.

And that it could get better.

More dynamic. More varied. More satisfying for me and my partner.

What are you truly craving in your sex life?

How do you want to feel, sexually?

What’s the destination of your pleasure train?

Whether you’re a pro or novice, feeling utterly sexy or totally a mess, you can enhance and elevate your relationship with sex.

One of the keys to unlocking your vibrant, luscious sexuality is setting an intention and cultivating that quality.

Yep, just like in a yoga class, you can set a powerful intention and feel your sexuality blossom.

Do you want more ecstasy? Longer or easier orgasm? Vaginal wetness? Deeper love and connection?

It’s time to go on a Sexual Vision Quest.

Not the kind where you eat mushrooms in the jungle.

I’m talking about the kind of deep meditative state where you co-create your reality.

And it only takes a few minutes, right now.

Watch the video below and elevate your sex life now!

Xoxo, Violet

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