I promised to share with you Seven Ways of A Deeply Feminine Woman…and number 5 is my favorite!!!


Because so often we run away from this key ingredient in our femininity…

We run away from our EMOTION.

We either pretend we don’t have them, stuff them down, or judge ourselves.

How many times have you told yourself or heard from someone else:

“Quit being so emotional!”

So many times I’ve hidden my tears, suppressed my anger, or contained my joy (yes, even joy is a vulnerable emotion)

And that’s B.S. A faulty Belief System that says logic is better than emotion.

I disagree.

Yes, logic is important (I know this as a former engineer and math lover).

But logic without emotion is like a motor without power. Useless.

Emotions bring ENERGY. The energy we need to put us IN MOTION. E-MOTION.

If we’re completely cut off from our emotions, we are cut off from so much of our power in life.

Allowing emotion to move through us, in the deepest, most exquisite way, will get you where you want to go (see the 4th way of the deeply feminine woman = desire) faster and with way more fun.

Now if you’re sensitive like most women are, and I’m deeply sensitive too, your emotions might feel overwhelming.

You might feel like they almost derail you.

All of a sudden you feel this burst of anger, or all of a sudden you feel this deep sadness.

That means you’re being in the moment with the energy flowing through you.

So what do you do with that power?

Do you feel it and express it and let it guide you? Do you leverage it to search deeper into your soul about what you long in your life? Do you use it set healthy boundaries and reclaim yourself?

I freaking love being a sensitive, emotional woman!!!

What gifts do you find in your raw, emotional heart?

Xoxo, Violet

You can learn how to harness your emotions, and communicate them with power, in such a way that it invites a partner even closer and ups the attraction big time. So if you’ve ever judged your emotions or have been too afraid to express them, we should talk, as that’s most likely preventing you from having an incredible relationship. Set up a free 45 minute Breakthrough Session here, I promise you’ll receive tremendous value, insight, and love.

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