How committed are you to your dreams and desires in 2018?

Our relationship with ourselves directly influences our outer world.

Are you going all the way with yourself?

Are you ready to put a ring on it — as in death-do-us-part sorta commitment to your dreams and goal?

Or are you keeping things casual?

One foot in and one foot out…

Kinda committed 🙂

Did you know that 80% of people fail to keep their New Year’s resolutions past February? (U.S. News & World Report)

Clearly we have a problem with commitment to ourselves. Yikes!

And it doesn’t just show up in our health goals or our promises to stop smoking or to stop drinking (or for me, to cut out sugar).

It shows up in — gasp — our relationships.

Sure, we can blame men til the cows come home, that they just don’t commit…that they don’t like relationship…blah blah blah…

But if that’s the case, don’t you find it funny that plenty of men are still getting married?

That the guy you dated now has a girlfriend to whom he’s proposed?

I think it’s time to let go of that old story about men fearing commitment.

What I’m more interested is in all the ways you lose the commitment to yourself…

To your dreams and vision and desires.

What gets in your way of saying yes to yourself?

What’s your YES this year?

What part of your life do you want to invest in?

I am not a fan of resolutions because they don’t tend to stick.

For change to last we need to FEEL it — the new identity, the new feeling / vibration…

And we also need something to rely on something beyond just our own willpower.

Which is why the women I work with get amazing results in love…

From single mom to feeling sexy in weeks…attracting lots of male attention, in person and online, and even having a romantic escapade for the first time in years…

From girlboss entrepreneur who accidentally pushed men away by being in her masculine…to now attracting and dating successful men who love to adore her…

From dating cheaters and settling for nowhere relationships, to getting engaged and even bought a new car for Christmas by her fiance (no joke, like the car in the driveway with the red bow!)

These results are because I understand that change, and commitment, don’t happen accidentally.

They happen with hands-on mentoring and expert guidance…

Within a supportive, loyal community of like-minded people with the same goals…

And by following a proven system to change your love life for once and all (and that IS a happy-ever-after).

Forget your resolutions and going it alone.

Commit to your dream of love and get the support, expertise, and system you need to make love last.

Xoxo, Violet

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