There are only two more days to be one of our contributors to CAASE…


And I have a surprise for you :)…


You may already have heard that I’m doing a special matching campaign where every dollar you contribute is matched by me AND by CAASE, which triples your impact on preventing sexual abuse and exploitation (read more about the Chicago Alliance Against Sexual Exploitation program below) and supporting survivors. 


But what you may not know is that I’m also going to give a special bonus to anyone who makes a contribution.


This special bonus is something I save for my advanced clients…but because I want to support CAASE as much as possible and I know sometimes we just need that little extra motivation, I’m sharing something powerful with you…


if you donate (or if you have already donated in the last 5 days), I will be gifting you my Fierce Love practice for free!


This short practice is about harnessing your fire, being in your body, and giving yourself permission to feel your anger and to set healthy boundaries. All good stuff to know and do when we are championing healthy experiences for all — this includes standing up for others and not being just bystanders.


Just go here to donate, and then email me saying “I’ve donated!” — I’ll send you the link and secret password to the practice.


And check out more about CAASE below!


Xoxo, Violet 

P.S. want to know more about CAASE? Check out their News spotlight for great articles (I especially like the one from 7/1/19 about the 6 New Laws that Support Survivors and the one from 5/2/19 about teaching men about consent and prevention). And when you donate now your donation will be matched by me and by CAASE (tripling your impact).

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