It’s the 7th day of December and I have SEVEN gifts for you! It’s my treat to tide you over while Mr Right is getting his gift together (and while you’re learning how to find and receive his love with my help).


These are our top seven videos and podcast episodes, delivered straight to you and guaranteed to light you up!


Gift 1 — Top 5 Mistakes Texting with the Masculine:


Texting & communicating with the masculine…don’t make these 5 mistakes! How we show up over text does affect our dating life, for better or worse. Watch to learn how to win in love (and win his heart) over text.


Gift 2 — He IS Interested in You!:


Have you ever wondered if a guy is really interested in you? Have you been confused if he likes you as a friend or more than that? Is it challenging to pick up on his signals and does this leave you feeling frustrated? Watch to learn that yes he really may be that into you!


Gift 3 — The 7 Ways of a Deeply Feminine Woman:


Ready to be a deeply feminine woman? Guess what? It is a LOT of fun. But it does take practice and skill. Listen now to learn how. This is one of our top ranking episodes EVER!


Gift 4 — Top 3 Qualities Men Find Attractive in Women:


What do you think men find attractive? If he can’t see you, he can’t find you. But what is he looking for? It’s probably NOT what you think it is! Watch to find out what healthy men want. The good news? These aren’t things you’re born with — these are skills you learn.


Gift 5 — Celebrating the Divine Feminine:


Connect with me and other women in a heart-opening discussion about the Divine Feminine. Now more than ever the world needs Her, and it needs YOU! 


Gift 6 — What to Do When the Person You’re Dating Disappears:


Learn how to authentically bring the healthy masculine back to you even when it feels like he’s pulling away. No more waiting for the other shoe to drop or agonizing over what’s changed and why he’s being so distant. 


Gift 7 — Self-Worth…What Happens in our Love Life When We Don’t Have It?:


Self-worth…How do you know when someone does have it? How do you know when a date has true self-worth and isn’t just posturing? Join us for a special episode on self-worth and self-value with coach Tammera Logan.


Enjoy unwrapping each of these gifts and happy holidays!


xoxo, Violet

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